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What are Nutrients? Why Are They So Important?

Nutrients are this, nutrients are that, falla food is more nutritious, falla food should not be eaten as it is not nutritious blah blah blah… you may have heard these things thousands of times, so many fusses about nutrition value but the question is what factors decide which food is more nutritious and which one is not? What makes food nutritious? The answer is the amount of nutrients present in a food decides it’s nutrition value. Now, what are Nutrients?
This chapter will answer all of your questions about nutrients.
What are Nutrients? Nutrientsaresubstancespresentinourfoodthatareessentialforourlife, providingusenergy, essentialforrepairandgrowth, regulatechemicalprocessesandnecessaryforthemaintenanceofoverallhealth.
I have summarised all about nutrients in the figure below. We will understand each one in detail one by one in this chapter.

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